100 Children

“A clever hybrid between sharp contribution to the political debate and quick-witted performance art” – nummer.se
“Manages to make the political and sociological writing visceral, tangible and emotional” – nummer.se
“The grim humor vibrates in the background and adds incisiveness” –SvD
“Topical and pressing” –SvD
“Important and beautiful” –DN
“Distinct, sharp, with an underlying humor that strikes you when the story reveals its full absurdity” – Expressen
“Astrid Menasanch Tobiesson fully masters the fine art of making the formal and bureaucratic language blend with strong emotion and poetry” – Kulturnytt, P1
“The entire play is very poetic” – Kulturnytt, P1


2013, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm. Produced by Stå!Gerillan with the support of the Swedish Art Council and the City of Stockholm.

In the year 2007 the news report that 100 Chinese children have disappeared in Sweden. They arrive at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and are then transfered to the Swedish Migration Board. Thereafter they disappear, two by two or three by three. And so on, until 100 children are gone. The police blame the Migration Board, the Migration Board blames the social services, the social services blame the police. The Swedish Minister of Immigration says the different authorities cooperate closely. But according to a survey 88% of the officials are unaware of the specific rules  that apply when they handle unaccompanied refugee children.

A play about human value, limits and borders.