The Land In Between 

”An important play about identity, exclusion and prejudices” – Bohuslänningen
”Strong characters who remain in memory” – Bohuslänningen
”A play full of  hope and strength” – Bohuslänningen


2017, Regionteater Väst, Uddevalla. Produced by Regionteater Väst.

A play for high school students.

The Land In Between is a land that appears only for people who are expected to be something that we cannot be. You might end up in the Land In Between when you don’t really belong or fit in. When you’re not really native, but not really foreign either. When you’re not really a girl, but you’re not really a boy either. When you’re in love with someone that you’re not expected to be in love with.

The Land In Between is a dream play posing questions about identity, inherency and expectations. Who defines who and what happens to us when we are defined by others? How does it effect our will, our desires and our longing?