But You Would Never Dare

“This is an in equal parts funny, vicious and talented diagnosis of the modern patriarchy, at the same time it’s somewhat raucous: young, angry, vulnerable and strong” – DN
“Astrid Menasanch Tobieson has found her own entirely unique artistic tone” –DN
“A scathingly sharp and pressing text about the people behind the political clichés” –SvD
“An entertaining and inspiring wallop, that should be seen by the 4.725 326 of us who, according to the play, is directly traumatized by the patriarchy, and, especially, everybody else.” –nummer.se
“A production that strikes like a force of nature” –Folkbladet


2012, Orionteatern, Stockholm. Produced by Stå!Gerillan.

A play that revolves around the character I. I am one of the people that the politics has named the excluded. But one day the character I is listening to the radio, and someone says: ”It is not times, places or people that are relevant but the state in which this society puts its citizens. Seek there and you will find the answer- but that you would never dare”. Since then nothing is ever the same.