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But You Would Never Dare

“This is an in equal parts funny, vicious and talented diagnosis of the modern patriarchy, at the same time it’s somewhat raucous: young, angry, vulnerable and strong” – DN

“Astrid Menasanch Tobieson has found her own entirely unique artistic tone” – DN

“A scathingly sharp and pressing text about the people behind the political clichés” –SvD

“An entertaining and inspiring wallop, that should be seen by the 4.725 326 of us who, according to the play, is directly traumatized by the patriarchy, and, especially, everybody else.” –

“A production that strikes like a force of nature” – Folkbladet

100 Children

“A clever hybrid between sharp contribution to the political debate and quick-witted performance art” –

“Manages to make the political and sociological writing visceral, tangible and emotional” –

“The grim humor vibrates in the background and adds incisiveness” – SvD

“Topical and pressing” – SvD

“Important and beautiful” – DN

“Distinct, sharp, with an underlying humor that strikes you when the story reveals its full absurdity” – Expressen

“Astrid Menasanch Tobiesson fully masters the fine art of making the formal and bureaucratic language blend with strong emotion and poetry” – Kulturnytt, P1

“The entire play is very poetic” – Kulturnytt, P1

In The Land That Never Burned The Trees Are Now On Fire

“Fiery, poetic monologue” – SvD

“The lyrical writing, with all of its metaphorical levels and dimensions, truly fascinates and captivates” – SvD

“The drama suggests that safety, which is so often mentioned, is not everything. The freedom of imagination, poetry and passion is part of the matter.” – Aftonbladet

Power Dream

“Sharp and thought-provoking /…/ High School students this spring will meet modern theatre at its very best.” – Bohuslänningen

Night Passage

“You do not leave the room indifferent” – Aftonbladet

“Striking interpretations of the talented actors” – Aftonbladet

“A play that gives voice to those who don’t have one and eyes to those who refuse to see reality” – TimeOut, Spain

“Gustav Nordmark’s sound design makes the heart pound faster” – Aftonbladet

“The trilingualism of the play create its own dramatical effect” – Aftonbladet

“A simple but efficient play” – Expressen

“It opens up a lyrical dimension and a larger perspective on responsibility” – Expressen

The Land In Between

“The Land In Between teaches us to break norms” – Bohuslänningen

”An important play about identity, exclusion and prejudices” – Bohuslänningen

”Strong characters who remain in memory” – Bohuslänningen

”A play full of  hope and strength” – Bohuslänningen